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Forest unreal engine 4 environment


I'd like to represent you my non comercial project "Forest environment"
It is a dark, but fairy forest, where live many mysterious inhabitants. If you enter it, you no longer want to leave it.

Actually, it is a level, ready for walking (in VR too). It contains many interesting areas like mysterious forest with huge and ancient trees, a sandy coast, a lake and mighty rocks.

I created this level in world machine. As vegetation and shaders i used megascans and some assets from marketplace. Also i thought it would be cool to fill my environment with accents that would revive the forest, give it bright colors. So my choice fell on the characters from the game Paragon, which Epic Games kindly presented to everyone.

I decided to compose this as a video footage and i think, that James Newton Howard's music is the best to emphasize the atmosphere.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Sorry for the quality of the video from YouTube. I really do not know how to deal with it :(